Stephen Hawking has suggested aliens exist but has warned humanity not to try to contact them. No need. Aliens have contacted us!

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A lot of determined people are promoting I Can Find You from June 5 to June 30. I hope most of you, my friends on Facebook, and elsewhere, can join me in celebrating my newcomer’s début.

I find releasing a novel more tedious than writing the story, although describing the plot and subplots to the many bloggers who interviewed me, and explaining the attributes of my characters to those who wanted to meet the cast of players allowed me to glimpse the book from different angles. This thorough review of I Can Find You reminded me of my intentions when I first set out to put my ideas on paper and also allowed me to recall why the actors in the story took so many varied paths along the way. Why Emma played fast and loose with her safety at times, trying to help the people she loves.

A Story after my own heart, I enjoyed the knowledge provided by the cast with regards to our future—knowledge that took shape in my mind as I followed Emma’s quest and gave in to her antics. Always positive, even through the work of evil doers, not unlike the world we live in now, Emma manages to keep a brave heart and a pure mind, not allowing herself to be swayed by false propaganda. She teaches the people around her how to remain untouched by the corrupt dark forces sneaking up in her world—the worst version of Earth possible—one that an alien calls Earth Refuse.

Emma taught me patience, to be kind to those who hurt us, and how fighting back will only worsen any situation. She taught me about aliens who are looking out for us as they realize that many in our world are slowly awakening to the truth and finding the means to heal, walk taller, and make friends with people from other worlds. Emma and others like her are spreading a message of joy. There is exultation and much assuredness in meeting up with the solutions she presents in the story.

I invite you all to follow the celebration over the period of June 5 to June 30 at this link. You will find at this link all the scheduled tours and be aware of the ongoing activities.📚-pump-up-your-book-presents-i-can-find-you-virtual-book-publicity-tour/

I also invite you to read I Can Find You, the second book in the Emma Willis series, and I can promise that you will all be encouraged and motivated by Emma’s story. I am, every time I read it.

God bless,


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