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I’ve always been curious, but was too winterized to ask, I guess. Now that summer is here and my brain has thawed, I stumble across the expression, good summer read everywhere. In fact, since the words now float in the air around us like pollen procreating just as fast with each turn of the road, I have got to know. What constitutes a summer read?Summer Read 4

 All over the Internet, summer book clubs emerge. All of them  proclaim their summer lists of summer reads flaunting beach pictures, long chairs amongst the flowers, and my favorite, pools with their well-stocked patios. Yet, among these lists while I expected to find light romance novels or delicate bouquets in clingy forms of women fiction, I was surprised to find everything from biographies to thrillers and mysteries and I still can’t figure what sets a summer read apart from any other time of the year.

I asked some of my friends what they thought the expression of summer read might mean. Some said a summer read was something you could easily put down if you needed to do something better, like greet friends or go biking. Another, quite a few years younger than I am, insisted a summer read to be a romantic story she could bring on the beach as she pretended to be absorbed while keeping an eye out for the lone strutting stud. boats at the pier

Just when I was about to give up, a group of friends I see at work once a month were unanimous in their finding. They believed in the summer, because there is more leisure to read and do so outdoors, they enjoyed the heavy drama and complex mysteries, the can’t-put-down genre, the blockbuster novels capable of replacing the reigning indoor master of entertainment: television.

Frankly, if anyone has a different idea, I would welcome your answers right here on my blog: where I will pick the best one at the end of the month and give their name some well-deserved recognition. Summer Read

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