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Shattered Reality (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles) Shattered Reality

I wonder if the Maker of all that is good ever meant for us to suffer the way we do especially when we seem to be straying off the main path. But what if we aren’t straying? What if we were meant to live life to the fullest by seizing opportunities or … at the very least, grabbing on to the means to grow by discovering who we are? This is what Brenda Perlin’s wonderful novel is: Brooklyn’s journey of self-discovery.

The funny thing about self-discovery. The trek will make some of us point the finger of scorn at some passages, while we will smile at other chapters spotting the similarities of our own story between the pages. 

I too have some finger pointing. I deplore the extent to which our heroine, Brooklyn, dumps on who she is and what she does when she calls herself a cheat and a liar repeatedly—words she would never use on another human being. We need to treat ourselves with more respect.

I applauded when Brooklyn met Bo and smiled as soon as she dug to find the courage to turn a new leaf attempting to answer the call to love. 

I enjoyed the book and dearly hope the Shattered Reality we are talking about is the end of sanctimonious and falsely righteous behavior society keeps us chained with. This would be “a giant step for mankind”. Looking forward to Brenda Perlin’s book 2, “Burnt Promises.”

Brenda PerlinBrenda Perlin lives in Orange County, California. She spent most of her working life in the physical fitness arena. She loves the gratification that comes with helping people achieve their fitness goals and the fulfillment that comes with having a healthy body.

Brenda has been writing just for fun since she was a young teen. For many years she wrote on paper napkins.

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