Shadowsite Chronicles Book 1: Awakenings

By Mike Deregowski

Fast-paced adventures and a must-read ticket.

Wonderful adventure. Click to buy.

Thoroughly enjoyed Deregowski’s story. As Book I, the author gives a brilliant rendition of a teenage boy who is swept away from home into the land of Heroria. Shadowsite Chronicles is one of these stories I wish every young man could read. The tale elevates those among us who dare to dream while it demystifies and lowers the bullies who would like to prevent those dreams.

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I had difficulty putting the book down. Mesmerizing to the last page, in Heroria, Bruce the Spruce learns to shed his awkward stance and learns how to become, a hero, at least in his heart. When a teenage boy gets in touch with his worth, you’ve got to smile and wonder why these stories aren’t more common. Imagine what the world would be like if we knew about Pix, the fairy, standing by to help us, Gor would always be defeated, as would all the bullies in this world, and we could amass the stones needed to give us the powers to beat all the villains. Mean entities such as Vineress, and Lavendra, Pix’s own sister are no match for Doctor Spirit and the power of one boy, Bruce the Spruce. 

For those of you who have young children, please get them the first book in the Shadowsite Chronicles and follow up with all the others. The story will undoubtedly enhance their education.


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