Bitten Wings,

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Characters will leave you mesmerized.

Hard to believe Bitten Wings was written by an author barely out of her teens. Melissa Vicente does a superb job of describing and having us live and experience her story through her characters. Outrageous and at times endearing, even her secondary characters take on a life of their own. Hard to fathom that Bitten Wings is actually Vicente’s first novel. Can you imagine?

The story pits Angels against Vampires in the struggle to save the world for humans and allow them to enjoy as normal a life as they can spin. These angels are Archangels and they are here to fight, lose themselves in the moment, and use all of their powers to get what they want and re-establish balance.

Pagan is endearing and although he makes mistakes, showing a human side, his tender layer will touch you to your core. Even the Vamp call Desiree gets my vote. She figures it all out eventually, and I suspect somehow we haven’t heard the last of this bad girl.

As for the author, Melissa Vicente, I have a sneaky suspicion she has arrived and is here to stay. To all you readers: a new author is born!melissa-vicente

Melissa Vicente is an up and coming author who resides in New Jersey with her fiancé. When she isn’t writing, she can be found staring; into space, daydreaming, at her computer screen doing homework or writing, at her cell phone updating all her social media accounts or at the pages of a great book. Bitten Wings is her debut novel, but Melissa has spent years writing short stories and novel ideas. She hopes to one day publish them all.


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