The Art of Fully Living: 1 Man, 10 Years.


Remember the eighties? For my husband and I, those years were a revelation. We hung with a group of friends, and we networked our way across America, learning of the many sage ideas some of the gurus had to dispense. James Rohn was one of my favorites, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and, let’s not forget, Anthony Robins. We went to more than one of Tony Robbins’ seminars.

One day, luck brought Richard Wayne Bandler and John Grinder to our city. We attended a three-day seminar on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Fabulous, and you all know how quickly this particular science took off.

When Tal Gur offered to send me his book for an unbiased review, I thought it might be fun to have a look. I know I’m qualified to compare his method with others. 

Well, I read through his first few chapters and was hooked. They are fresh, charmingly personal with anecdotes to support his stories, and coming up with new ideas on any personal-growth chapter is not an easy stunt to pull off. 

I particularly enjoyed his take on The Art of Embracing Rejection. I believe this was a turning point for me. In the positive era of the eighties and nineties, we spurned negativity, and welcomed positivity in a big way, sometimes relegating to the back of our minds the very issues responsible for holding us back.


Tal Gur doesn’t mince words about rejection, and his advice on how to handle rejection is priceless.

All of Tal’s chapters are eye-openers from Total Immersion, year of socializing to Giving Back, Year of Contribution all the way to Uncertain Glory, Year of Adventure, and beyond. Perhaps it’s the fresh new way he depicts his adventures that caused the material to find its way to my brain. Maybe it’s the fact that he is telling us about his encounters and his discoveries as he lives through them. You be the judge. Whatever you do, don’t miss reading this book. If you only get to read his explanation about BELIEFS ARE NOT TRUTHS, then it will be worth reading Tal’s book. Like me, you will treasure it and want to read it more than once.





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  1. Dear Joss,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful review of my novel, COAL HOLLOW AN ECHO IN THE ABYSS. You are highly regarded in the literary world and in mine.

    With much appreciation,
    Cher Duncombe


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