Let There Be Light  

Melissa Storm

The second book in The Sled Dog Series.

I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed this second book a little more than I did the first one. I believe it was Scarlett Coles’ sweet personality that won the day. Sweetness dressed in determination and a clear insight into the people around her.

Her determination and clear vision are what I connected with most, the depth of Scarlett’s thoughts. For instance, her meanderings about Henry were dead on. I appreciated that, unlike the others, she refused to cast the sins of the grandfather onto the young shoulders of the boy. And this was not an easy task to do since her friend and mentor adamantly denied her that friendship. Lauren’s distaste for Henry forced poor Scarlet to keep her secrets, and I believe these secrets are what cost her the success she wanted.

I found this second book flowed better than the first one. The story allowed me to put it down when I needed to do so, but I still cared enough about Scarlett to pick it up again with haste.

I also enjoyed her love for the dogs and the fact that she established a great relationship with them. I found Henry’s double personality and jab at stardom well portrayed. A complex character to write, and I believe Melissa Storm did this well, giving us just enough information on his reasons for his flippancy toward the woman that he said he loved.

All in all, this will lead me to the third book in the series, as I am getting attached to the other characters as well.



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