Tabula Rasa, by Gordon Bickerstaff
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All the time I’m reading Gordon Bickerstaff’s work, I’m thinking. What do chemists, biochemists, engineers and IT people know that we don’t? Although I realize this is fiction, somewhere I’ve always suspected, fiction emerges from reality. Worse, what if reality mimicked the scariest fiction you could find? More late nights for me, for one, and then the terrifying sensation there is too much happening about which we are misinformed—or not informed at all.

When a story, any story like the one Gordon Bickerstaff concocted appears deadly realistic, you wonder and ask yourself questions. Only, who is going to provide the answers?

Zoe Tampsin accepted a mission handed down by Alan Cairn. A black-bag mission to find the missing son of a famous scientist. No one is giving her much information. She is going into her mission blind and angry—angry that thugs attacked her best friend mistaking Toni for her. She recruits a shy scientist of a man, and the worse part is she refuses to tell him one tenth of the tenth of information they gave her. You just pray the man is going to last for the duration.

Summing up, someone wants her dead, her supervisor in London wants her quiet about the mission, and the mission runs faster than a rumbling waterfall, which I hate to tell you, brings on more questions.

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I don’t think you can flip the pages fast enough. But, you do hope to get some answers. I found this brilliantly written on a touchy subject that is always at the back of our heads. I’m not talking about conspiracy theories; those are for another day. I’m talking about: What if …? Find out more about the author:

Great story. Recommended to all as an eye opener.