Let there Be Love  

Melissa Storm

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Let There Be Love is a story that kept me reading, and interested. And I didn’t have to skip over the violence or cruelty. The story is clean, yet still manages to tackle human frailties, which is my favorite part of any book, the characters. 

The story depicts Lauren Dalton who is working at a dead-end job when she receives the news one morning of her father’s death. The father who raised her and with whom she was very close.

She finds a box of his things as she cleans out his house to ready it for sale, and comes across memorabilia that surprises her. Clippings on Alaska and on the dog races that take place there. 

Wanting to find out this hidden past about her dad, she takes a job as a handler to Shane Ramsey. Shane, an upcoming musher, suffered a terrible accident and needs help with his dogs and the running of his household. Sparks fly between them as she has no experience, and Shane is somewhat of a bitter recluse.

I enjoyed Lauren’s role in the story. She is edgy, energetic, a woman who will not take anyone’s guff, Shane’s or anyone else’s. Naturally, she has her hands full. Shane is not someone any woman likes to confront.

My favorite part was learning about the Iditarod. Believe it or not, since I’m like the penguin who hated the cold, my mind is forever anchored on sun, surf and salt water. Alaska, and what people do up there, is unknown to me in every possible way. So this race was a learning experience for me. Being an animal lover, though, I hate to think of these sweet dogs running for days the way they do. I did like Lauren’s kindness and compassion toward them. Her position relieved some of my worries. 

Finally, I did shed a few tears in the last chapters, which is a good sign. I was involved, smitten, cared about what happened to fictional characters, which also means their rendition was dead-on.

All in all, a must-read story if only to learn how to brave the cold, and manage ice-cold people.


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