The Pearly Gates Phone Company

by Chele Pedersen Smith 

I give this book a five-star rating. When I can finish a book, inattention and lack of focus keeping me from doing this with lots of books, it’s usually because the characters are warm, bold, and real. Life-like characters give me a source of learning about human nature.

Of course, I do have favorite chapters, like Jesus for Hire, for instance. I have had so many miracles performed in my life that I like to recognize the ones that happened to the author and to some of her friends. That lonely, longing feeling disappears, at least during the time I am reading as I discover that I’m not alone. I’m not a freak because these things happen. Good to know.

The author, Chele Pedersen Smith, penned a lot of magical incidents as her life transpires, capturing a reader’s interest with specific anecdotes that are heart-wrenching, heartwarming, and one in particular in Radiance that brought tears to my eyes.

All in all, an excellent effort, and one that merits an encore into the author’s life, one that would give us more insight as to what Pedersen Smith is doing now?


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