Severed Threads
by Kaylin McFarren


As liquid As The Flow Of Time.  As Mysterious As Ebb Tide.      

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The stage: warm ocean water, state boats gleaming in the sun, and people bent on salvaging lost treasures—an attractive setting for most of us, I dare say. Uniquely told, the story nevertheless addresses the age-old story of avarice, jealousy, rancor, and filial love in Kaylin McFarren’s book I of the Thread Series.

Chase Cohen is back in San Palo, California. A renowned treasure hunter, Rachel Lyons wonders what the man is doing back here after he disappeared four years ago, shortly after her father’s accidental drowning death. They were in love, and Rachel has since had to deal with the loss of her father alone, her rancor against Chase’s abandonment bigger than the man himself.

An abandoned ship brings back Chase to San Palo, one Rachel’s father, Sam, and Chase started to explore shortly before Sam’s death and Chase’s departure.

At the same time, Rachel, who chairs the Archaeological Museum, hears Dr. Ying’s request for information about the Wanli II, a ship that was lost at sea and reputed to be in this area. He would like to regain some of the archeological treasures of the ship and dedicate the find to the memory of Rachel’s Father, Sam Lyons. Dr. Ying’s request requires Rachel to convince the board members to advance a huge sum of money to proceed with the dig. She hesitates not knowing how this can be accomplished, and when Chase shows up as being the one Dr. Ying chose to do the salvage, she is less convinced than ever. 

The adventure does not disappoint. Every page brings on discoveries, newly hidden treacheries, and never fails to excite and entice the reader. In my mind, Severed Threads is the treasure worth exploring. I gave this interesting story a five as it kept me captive and entertained until the very last page.

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