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This story deserves a five-star cheer. I haven’t felt this way about a book since I was in my early teens and all the world was a grab-bag. Every adult should revisit their childhood a couple of hundred times in their lives if only to remember their real likes and dislikes. And this is one of those times.

The Story of Breanne is enchanting as her character is drawn with brio. She is a take-charge person without being bossy, kind, yet logical. She also takes care of her sister Katie while their mother is away. And although she would much rather live out the summer she planned, she also takes care of her dad and a cat named Leo.

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The setting gives us the last days of school while Breanne faces what she intends to do for the summer. Breanne is about to lose her best friend, Clarisse, who now hangs with another girl in school—one Breanne does not appreciate. 

She doesn’t quite understand why, but the teacher mentions in class that a lot of items of clothing have gone missing. Shaunalet, Clarisse’s new friend, accuses Breanne of being the thief. 

This is the least of Breanne’s worries. There is a boy called Chris who seeks her company to the point of annoying her, and slowly, an adventure begins to take hold of her life.

This adventure, where she meets up with characters of the past, a past she knows nothing about, is magical. The tale is weaved with heart and kindness. I had difficulty putting this book down. So now, all I’m waiting for is for the next installment of Breanne’s adventures. Well done.





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