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51lToCPSXVL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Ladies of Lorton Landing  by

Marie Dunn

Fast Moving and most intriguing.

This is the third novel I have read by Marie Dunn.

The first book attracted me because of its cover: A Thousand Awkward Moments that featured a door slightly ajar.
Immediately within the first pages, I found adventure and the same sort of intense curiosity I used to have as a youngster when I devoured every book I read. I love her style and her tempo. Plus, she is usually so dead on with the characters she writes about, giving up my disposable time becomes so much easier.

Then there was The Bradford Place, a continuation of sorts to the first book that brought me just as much joy.
Her third novel does not disappoint. The southern ladies differ quite a bit from the characters in her first two books, but are nevertheless excellent representations of who they should be. My favorite character is Judith. I love her spunk and ingenuity. Of course, the mystery runs insidiously through the pages and demands that we keep reading to get to a conclusion.
Four lovely, independent young women use the supernatural help of a renovated southern mansion to solve not only the mystery at hand, but add closure and new meaning to their interrupted lives. When they join forces to help Olivia make ends meet, little do they realize that they are also agreeing to better their situation. Each one of the ladies has issues to resolve, yet it is when they stand together that they are at their most capable of beating all odds.

As for Marie Dunn, 71dwr+gpTRL._UX250_she may have another series on her hand. A safe bet that many of us would like to read on about these ladies, get a lasting picture of how their lives are going to turn out. Perhaps we will need to coax the author a little.

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