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Inner Reflections of the Muse
                                    Elizabeth E. Castillo


 Very few people’s muse will permit them to explore the deep journey Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo invites us to contemplate. A rare occurrence indeed to read on paper the very thoughts that take shape in our mind, to combust immediately the instant they form, at lightning speeds. All humans possess the capability of consulting a muse within, some more than one muse at a time. However, most often impossible to capture, such thoughts are lost in life’s crazy pace buzzing around us.

 From the three ‘P’s of Perseverance, Patience and Peace, the author sets the tone. The real treat comes from getting off the merry-go-round, letting go of our do-or-die agendas and diving into some of those ideas we’ve become so adept at shooing aside for later. “Love an imperfect person perfectly.” Another favorite of mine: “Divine love of oneself.” For some of us, ‘oneself’ is often the last person we compliment, yet the first one we criticize and reproach. This attitude makes it difficult to assert leniency toward others, especially when wearing our suits of do-or-die principles. And proclaiming our compassion is not always aligned to how we truly feel. Yet alignment is the first law of attraction and success, so you do the math.

I remember they used to tell me that inside the Think and Grow Rich book of Napoleon Hill, there was hidden message, different yet vital for each one who read it. Well, there is indeed a message tucked away between the pages of Inner Reflections of the Muse, one tailor made for each individual. Enjo61OAWhzQPvL._UX250_y!

 Please visit Elizabeth E. Castillo’s page to better comprehend the vast experience this author brings to her book.




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