The Cosega Search

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The Cosega Search


The Cosega Search is a bold rendition of how the other face of the coin we all share, might resemble. The side we don’t readily look at or look for. The one liable to frighten us if we apply too much scrutiny. From the renowned philosopher René Descartes’ own words in his Meditation One: “I had to raze everything to the ground and begin again from the original foundations, if I wanted to establish anything firm and lasting in the sciences“.

And thus The Cosega Search is created from the mind of Brandt Legg as he razes some of his own turbulence that rumbles beneath the surface. Each one of us bears testimony to a form of unrest that eats away at us, and Ripley Gaines is no different. He spent his life searching the hills and digging up the earth as an archeologist seeking proof for his theory: creationism never existed.

The adventure starts with him at a dig site where they find casings and a rare object that immediately sounds the alarm all over the world. Rip and a reporter he is suddenly saddled with, Gale Asher, begin to run with the coveted items they discovered in the hopes that they will be able to stop long enough, somewhere, to study these items and learn more about man’s humble beginnings. 71GXuih7gcL__UX250_

As they run, we learn more about The Cosega Search, the Clastier Papers, the conspiracy theories of the world’s most prominent organized crime factions. The adventure runs and never stops for very long, fast and furious and at times, at dizzying speeds. I read on to learn more about Rip as a person, and Gale’s gentle side, and who they are when they are not running for their life. Their survival instinct causes them to react rather than act with the normalcy I keep waiting to emerge. I am left wondering and thinking about what will happen to our heroes as the end of their story is carried through to the Cosega Storm Book 2. Readers will definitely want to continue to run alongside these two characters to find out what becomes of them.

You can read about Brandt Legg and his accomplishments, as well as discover all the great stories he has written. Brandt Legg

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