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I love a story that can move me to tears and smiles, and make me remember vividly patches of my forgotten youth.

Sway is a true YA story that makes me realize why this genre is making such a strong comeback. SWAY is a clean and sensitive story, no dragons around the corner no blood dripping monsters, a tale that reminds us of our potential for kindness and gentleness welling up inside us while clamoring to be free.

Jessie is not your typical teenager. She is hearing-impaired and wears a hearing aid to help her cope with everyday life at school which means she also needs the cooperation of her teachers and the many students around her.

Teenagedom is a strange time in our lives as we all deal in different ways with the fear of the unknown that lies ahead of us. Some believe strength equates arrogance and so learn to belittle their peers. At times, this can be brutal to someone who desperately needs to fit-in.

Jessie’s life is no picnic, but finds the means to show the warmth and beauty still surrounding Jessie’s difficult routine. She’s an only child while mother works a business, father is a teacher but does not figure prominently in the story.

All in all, the focus never leaves Jessie who trudges through her life at school while finding delicious ways to overcome her fears. Her cat, Parker lends a hand in a magical sense, at least this being my opinion. In describing Parker coming to Jessie’s rescue, Jennifer Gibson reveals what I believe in one of life’s most precious gift: our inner capacity to create our own reality. Yes, Jessie meets a young man, Ethan who is thoughtful strong and handsome. Yet the story points the way to Jessie being able to get wherever she wants to go, with or without Ethan.   Well done!


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