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BY Amy Leigh Mercree

Actually, this book could be referred to as your guide to a better life. Period. Amy Leigh Mercree has segmented the book to fit those who have been dancing the dating game for a while and have been disillusioned with the results. Yet, here I am, a mother and grandmother, far removed from the dating scene and still collecting precious thoughts from Mercree’s positive dissertation.

I too believe in archangels as mighty beings here to protect us. I also believe they don’t have a religious resonance. Furthermore, following the book’s instructions, I called forth the Violet Flame of Ascension to cleanse my physical and auric field, and this is something everyone should try. Depending on your assiduity with meditation, you will get mitigated results, but for those who practice Yoga or enjoy quiet introspection, you will get a surge of uplift from the exercise. Even beginners will get more with each session.

“Joy is the most healing and highly vibrational energy in the known universe.” You can’t ever read this enough. The slogan should be written in all our common places. Joy and gratitude: two blissful emotions.

Even more powerful, Amy Leigh Mercree goes on to give you the means and methods to call upon the powers of joy and keep the emotion nestled inside you. So, she just doesn’t talk the talk, she gives you the power to walk the truth as well.images

I highly recommend we all read this book. You will learn how to define yourself, strengthen yourself, love yourself and how to become more confident! After all, confidence is sexy!

Amy Leigh Mercree is an author, media personality, and expert dating,relationship, & wellnesscoach who has been practicing for fifteen years. Mercree speaks internationally and brings groups on adventure vacations around the world focusing on kindness, joy, and wellness. 

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