Song for Papa Crow



Song for Papa Crow has a gentle and precious morale lingering behind each superbly-done, glossy page, as all good stories should.

I read it to my grandson, Matthew, before bedtime, and with the bedside lamp catching each colorful reflection of the many birds, along with the exquisite textures of the trees in a wildly imaginative forest, he became mesmerized. Together, we mimicked the calls of the birds and he particularly loved the caw of the crow, his favorite with the hoot of the owls. He’s three years old, so the caw and the hoot were easiest for him to repeat.

Beautifully designed by the author herself, Marit Menzin, this book is a precious gem in any child’s collection he or she might want to save for their own children’s library one day. The story delivers a timeless message of acceptance, belief in our own kind, and self-confidence in our attributes.

When Matthew became worried about little crow getting into trouble, he didn’t smile until he was certain little crow was out of harm’s way. We’ve revisited the book many times since that first night. So much to learn with the “fun facts”. For instance, when he learned that a group of crows was called a “murder”, this opened the door for names to other groups as well.

Ms. Menzin has pulled it off. A successful children’s book, which also pleases Grand-maman.

Marit Menzin’s award-winning collages have been seen in galleries, magazines, and publications.
She has loved art since childhood, and Song for Papa Crow, her first picture book, combines her love of nature and art.

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