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Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again By

Simon Okill




Well, I read Nobody Likes a Bigfoot like a Bigfoot Babe so of course, Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again brought back a lot of familiarity. Same wacky characters I’d grown to love: Duane with more understanding of what makes him tic, Lou with a new, mischievous side, Tuckerwood and Merlot (love that name) still at it—fighting and arguing, and all the Bigfoot gang, Weeeee Wooooo Zola, Joey, Teena, right down to Beau and those out-of-this-world deputies eating out-of-this-world breakfasts!

With all the paranormal stories there are these days and the quaint fantasies, I’d missed a zany reality like “Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again”. Similar to a show I used to love, Northern Exposure, and nobody has brought it back—yet. I believe if anyone could pull this off, it might be Simon Okill with his vivid imagination and his love of life. You’ve got to love life writing the way he does. I guess this is what strikes me the most about this series, the bon vivant quality to it that just makes you want more.

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