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 Riveting grasp of characters. 




Up there in my top ten likes in a book—well written characters. In fact, Janet Taylor-Perry had me reading over the last few days, almost nonstop, a story I first read and reread in one of the writers group we both joined. I knew she had a winner back then, and she has perfected her story to the likes of a fine wine. There is magic in those people you can’t get out of your head, their situation and their human drama.  

Larkin Sloan reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and her drop into a great big hole. Only the similarity ends there. Desolate, cold and chained to a supernatural force, she needs all of her wits to rise above the fear that grips her, to make use of her own powers: her deep faith in God in order to try to survive her ordeal.

I love the main character Ray Reynolds. Gentle, touched to the core by the drama unfolding before him, he vows to catch the killer that keeps him awake twenty-four hours a day. Suffering through incredible migraines, he plows through and will take any help he can get.

What I loved most about Taylor-Perry’s wonderful story is her knack for surprising you with twists and turns that make all our lives so mesmerizing at times. I call them sweet coincidences, and each time they take place in my life, I like to say, “Now if this took place in a book or a movie, people would think it’s fixed …” You know the kind. Those magic moments that make all our lives worthwhile.  

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