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Timeless, familiar, “Growing up and Liking it” will thrill all readers. The self-assured will stand taller, the timid will find pride, and the know-it all will learn valuable lessons.

Dolores and I are the same age and have a lot in common. Foremost, we are both Canadians who love to fly south for the winter. We also have a boat load of children and grandkids and two of the best hubbies that ever lived. So, I must admit, this know-it-all was surprised to read about some of her beliefs thrown back at her, in the most charming way. Therefore, I had to stop and ask myself why? Seems He needed to point out some truths I hadn’t explored in a while. Okay, I hear you.

Dolores Ayotte

I cannot imagine one person as not recognizing themselves somewhere in these pages. In fact, not since James Redfield or Neale Donald Walsch has there been a more engaging set of stories told with a common sense approach designed to warm the heart. Who can say no to exploring their four rooms? To keeping the bad wolf at bay while holding onto a positive glow as we bathe others in our love light? Winter is coming. I recommend you get Ms. Ayotte’s book, and stay ahead of the storms.

yellow flower

Dolores Ayotte holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology as well as teacher certification in  Manitoba, Canada. She has taken courses in human relationships and communication.

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