By Serena Akeroyd        


Every now and then, a girl needs a good dipping, (dance move) what can I say. The author was kind enough to warn me her book was an erotic romance. However, I found the story contained a lot of truths about women— our cravings, and our desperate need to be acknowledged and understood.

Simone Barranquet has just left her grey-skinned, pasty-faced, husband, even though she tried her best to make their marriage work. While she’s dragged by her best friends, Edwina and Marina to different bars, especially to one where she considers the waiters to be rude, she sits in the background and watches as everyone has a good time. She’s not inclined to step out and take another chance on someone else. She’s shy and slightly introverted and doesn’t understand how her friends can be so shallow at times.

Until she meets a hunky stranger one night, in a bar, one who literally stops her from breaking her neck, and Simone has to overcome some of her anguish about reviving her sexual needs.

I love the introspection Ms. Akeroyd entertains inside her heroine’s mind. Her analysis of the inner workings of the female psyche is dead on … so is all the pleasure we can derive from being women!

A great read. Would have loved for the story to go on. Will read this author again.

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