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Always a pleasure to pick up a fun, romantic comedy. You have no need to duck and cover to avoid the heavy conflicts that come at you, full frontal, and the story becomes a real joyous escape. When my children were younger and they loved to watch movies with their mom, whenever they would take too much time agreeing on a movie, I’d say: “Quick! Get me into somebody else’s life.” They would laugh, when in actuality, it is quite wonderful to experience life walking in someone else’s shoes. Especially when we’re starting a business and all the ideas go according to plan. How refreshing. YES!

I believe Sadie is my favorite character. A tad on the bohemian side, she enjoys speaking her own mind … yet I also enjoyed Lucy, the computer expert who cannot manage her own life. All the girls, though different, mesh well together, and all take turns handing us freebie advice on what to do and what to avoid.

As I read this book over several days, I got to know the four ladies and their men friends quite well. Eileen Thornton does an excellent job of using each lady’s quirks and flaws to paint a true and believable picture of who they each represent. I am going to miss them. Grapevine Thornton is now writing a sequel to Divorcees.Biz. I will definitely be grabbing me one of those books as soon as it comes out.    51OCkikGDLL__UX250_

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