Exceptions make the rules—I’ve heard this somewhere. I guess this simply means if there weren’t exceptions, we wouldn’t have any rules, a statement which brings us to: rules are made to be broken. All this to say, I am making an exception to my Review policy, which some of you may have read in an earlier blog when I defined my rules for reviewing a book. These rules remain in place, of course. Still, I feel I had to write about this book I read, even though I was unable to finish.

  The question has gnawed at me for months, and I didn’t quite know how to approach the situation. I read this book which was so incredibly well written, with regards to visualization, as bright bold pictures in every situation, on every page, it should be studied—in class. Truthfully, I am glancing at it from time to time to try to learn this skill. I have assimilated a great deal from the well-constructed prose. Doesn’t read like prose; reads more like a film and not one of those silent movies either. Smell is present, voices, tones, noises surrounding the village—that village… “The Zone.”

 Oh, by the way, the book is   Anna 2026  by Lucas Morgan    5.0 out of 5 stars

I just couldn’t finish reading it because being as graphic as it is, I could not get passed: The Zone. I found myself literally skipping over the more violent parts, but then my tender heart encountered more violence and since I’d become so addicted to it, and so troubled by all the visions, I had to let it go. As I mentioned, I still glance at it to admire and learn from the milder pages.

The story follows this man’s undying devotion for his wife, who has been taken unjustly. The ups and downs he encounters still stir me, months later. Remember The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson? Well, so much stronger—compare Technicolor to sepia, and you’ll get the picture.

 I have spoken to Lucas and explained how I felt. He said he didn’t mind me giving him a review anyway. So here I am, giving him the best review I can, for the writing effort. As for the story, Morgan appreciates I could not finish it. Yet, I can’t just discard the story either. The book is brilliantly alive; actually, I believe this was the scariest part for me: what if…?

 So you are forewarned, you need to wear a shield when reading this book. Of course, this is my opinion only—little old me, who could not watch the movie Braveheart. In fact, I believe every writer or aspiring writer should have a copy to not only learn the basics of storytelling but to master the intricacies of show-to-tell.

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  1. Thank you for your support and the warning about chrome. I never use Chrome. There are many problems with it. Will talk to my programmer. I hope you get a chance to buy my novel: Mirror Deep. It is in print version and Kindle version on Amazon.com and is also in many other versions. The book received a rave Kirkus Review and I since you seem so great with words, would love for you to let me know what you think of the book. Thanks. Joss.


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