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 Dolores Book

A Woman’s Voice Inspirational Short Stories, Volume 2


What is an inspirational short story? What is a woman’s voice? Well, I agree with the author, Dolores Ayotte. Writing with your soul on your sleeve does make you vulnerable to all types of fears out there. Let’s face it we all have them which is why we all need someone’s tender stories at times to help us locate the road when it becomes too dark to find our way.

I have read Dolores’ books, Growing up and Liking it and A Woman’s Voice, Inspirational Short Stories ~ Volume 1. So, I knew what to expect from A Woman’s Voice Inspirational Short Stories, Volume 2: a realistic, gut-wrenching contemplation of what makes us tick, and what helps us to go and grow, and execute our dreams—all of them.

Ayotte’s voice is compelling in that she will grab your inner-most moments and force you to air them out. She was a teacher and one of her favorite times was: show and tell. Well, as a student I hated show and tell since this meant I had to pick something I honestly enjoyed and discuss the how and why of it in front of the class. Who I was and what went on inside of me was no one’s business but my own. So I would pick something inconsequential and talk about it superficially. I’d forgotten about that.Dolores

What I truly appreciate about Dolores is the way she asks her daughter and her sisters to contribute some of their talents. When you can teach and ask for others’ help to do so, the teacher has graduated into a mentor, a title I consider special and warranted by few.

Please tell Linda Briscoe that I so enjoyed her passage of Remembering When. Reminded me of my walks to school and brought back a lot of memories.

The best way to make the most of this book and become truly inspired is to do the exercises at the end of each chapter: PERSONAL REFLECTIONS. This will enable you to get into the author’s mindset and understand where she wants to lead you. For each one of us, of course, this is a different place.

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