Always wondered what I would have experienced reading the script of a TV series like Northern Exposure. Remember that one? I loved the zany characters and the way you never quite knew what to expect.

Simon Okill’s story about a wacky yet warm rural town in Northern California, Big Beaver, introduces us to characters most readers are unlikely to forget. Unable to figure out what would happen next, I found myself reading and reading without any thought of anything else. My favorite character was Duane, of course. His antics made me laugh out loud, and I found myself hoping he might … clean up?

The writing is strong, enough to let me picture much of the scenery with ease. I could even relate to the BigFoot Babes and their fun loving acrobatics throughout the forest. When young Olaaa anxiously waits to be of age, in the grips of confusion and mood swings brought on by adolescence, she reminds me of a human young woman, only her support network is just as confused and so her loneliness becomes palpable. In other words, Okill’s writing skills literally brings the legendary BigFoot to life.


lives with his wife Shirlee Anne in a pretty coastal town in South Wales, UK. He also tells us in his bio how and why he began writing. Read for yourself …

Simon also has another book that just came out: , which is now available on Kindle. The story follows the tumultuous life of a female amnesiac vampire treated in an asylum in France 1925.

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    • Well worth the read, Simon. Once in a while there comes a special book … attention must be paid. Big hugs. xxx I will try to get to your other book as well.


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