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Wood, Talc and Mr. J  Wood Talc and Mr. J

Well, I would categorize author Chris Rose’s novel as a satire, a cross between a parody and intelligent poetry. You have to admire an author who can pour this much of his brain and guts on a page and make a coherent collage or pictures depicting multiple meanings. Now, the author did warn me that I might not get all the cultural references, and he was right. Some, I’m sorry to say, did zip right over my head. Yet, as a diehard fan of Monty Python, and deadpan British humour, I understood the irony and laughed out loud at many of the clever quips. Remember Terry Jones and John Cleese? Geniuses all of them especially John Cleese. His modern day portrayal of Lyle Finster in Will & Grace, one of my favorites, was reminiscent of the Python’s Flying Circus.

I gave Wood Talc and Mr. J, and my good friend Phillip a 5 because of the richness of such passages, “Unlike my dad, I disliked Jed’s hair. Only because I’d have died for it. Where his grew biologically into an early Rod Steward piece, mine, left un-flattered for more than five minutes, had me looking crossbred between Nana Mouskouri and Mary Hopkins.” I laughed. Of course, my hair was the same. I enjoyed also, “One minute baby Loretta would be butting Granny’s nose for lack of headcontrol, the next both would be sobbing for England—she’d just be hungry.” I believe our friend Phillip loves life a lot more than he thinks he does.

Witticisms able to paint vivid pictures are too many to quote. You’ll have to read the book. My favorite: Phillip indulging in the recurring dream off bus 49. First time I’ve heard someone else doing this on a bus—imagining other people and giving them a life. Mine also had nicknames.

Chris RoseYou’ll want to find out more about Chris Rose. Discover why Chris is such the word-smith. Quite a linguist. His amazon page will surprise you


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