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The Black Eagle Inn is the sort of novel—I love family sagas—I sometimes worry will drag me away from everything else and never let go. Bull’s eye! Christoph Fischer’s story thrilled and pulled me deep inside the Hinterberger clan to the point that I was talking to them out loud, remonstrating when they didn’t get it right … or got drowned in righteousness. What I especially enjoyed was the presence of mind and clarity with which the author depicted each family character. I’ve been studying people all my life, and Anna, Markus, Maria, even Antoine and Esat were dead on. I have also known some Hans-Ulrich’s and a few Lukas’ in my day. I could not have portrayed them any better.

The tale is not an uncommon one. A big family, torn apart by war and famine. Can greed and jealousy be far behind? What make this story so unique, are the rendition and the voice behind the premise. As you round the first few chapters, you slowly let go and begin to trust Christoph Fischer’s rhythm, promising all dilemmas will lead to solutions or well-deserved changes. This is how the decades seem to fly90eeade58bd0c5dda0a4d973b321e0dd by until sadness seeps in when you realize the people you’ve befriended have come to the end of their journey.

Who is  Christoph Fischer?

While he pursued his studies in Hamburg, he now resides in the UK. He is also the author of:

 Sebastian (The Three Nations Trilogy)

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