Ethan Flynn starts off with a lot to learn. One of the twists I enjoyed most about this exciting adventure set deep within the mysterious Zimbabwe forests, mysterious, as I have only dreamt of leaping that far from home, is young Ethan’s metamorphosis. He literally grows up, letting go of his many phobias, to become a tower of strength and leader of a group going to find his best friend and cousin Joe, who has disappeared into thin air. Only once Tariro dares him, and Jimoh convinces him to undertake the perilous journey into another world, does Ethan agree to go, still against his will.

This transformation is never forced or preached upon the reader but rather shown through the author’s vast knowledge of the South African continent, as Karen Prince lays out for us wild sceneries, populated with so many vivid pictures, the magic she springs on us becomes absolutely normal. Of course, hyenas can be human and leopards can communicate their thoughts to young boys. I have no doubt witches can be concerned with saving little boys from a life of slavery, while beautiful people can be cruel and self-important.

This book kept me engaged for hours. The story had me hypnotized and trapped in its grip so deeply time flew by without me noticing. One thing is certain. All these wonderful characters sprang from a fertile imagination and will stay with me long after I have put down the story.


Karen Prince was raised on a wildlife farm in Zimbabwe; a perfect childhood for someone who always wanted to become a writer. Well, you can read for yourself…

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  1. Beautiful review of Switch, Joss. You have captured the essence of the story and made me want to read it, which I have and 5* it.


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