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Scrivener Essentials by Karen Prince

I can claim the above title as being true. For those of you who don’t know me, put something in front of me I like or need to do, and cannot do and you create an Everest that must be conquered. People say I am an excellent cook and chef pâtissier. However, when I was twenty, I had never made fudge, though I had been baking since the age of eleven. So, I bought a five-pound bag of brown sugar and thought, let’s make fudge, right? Making smooth, creamy fudge became my Everest. A five-pound bag soon became a ten-pound and a twenty-pound bag, and the more I tried, the more the hard sugar became like an impregnable weapon. I would end up wasting … well it took me months to learn how to make fudge the way I liked it.

When I began to study Scrivener, because people around me seemed to be using it without any problems, I thought, how difficult can this be, right? Well, over the last year, the damn program became as complicated and impregnable as a hard-rock batch of my first attempt at fudge. I mean, I’m an intelligent person. I deal with new programs every day (some I just refuse to be bothered with), I’m not an idiot. I tried the Scrivener manual and full tutorial which took me three days to go through. After … mush—my brain. I tried video slides some author was peddling, nope, nothing. There is something about the separate components of this program that has me frazzled. I don’t think my mind works this way. I am the type of person who takes up a thought and can follow it through a long list of obstacles, unscathed and unspoiled.

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After going through Karen Prince’s incredible book—how she accomplished illustrating her book like this on Kindle is another book in itself—I finally was able to get it. I was fighting with myself and my own way of working. I can now import files to Scrivener and make all the changes I want to them. A miracle. I learned something else about me. I am an old dog and I don’t like to separate my files into scenes or paste any information on the cork board. It’s not for me and I don’t need to use Scrivener the way others do. This was the most precious lesson from Karen’s wonderful book, Scrivener Essentials . I can adapt this great program to the way I want to use it. And now by the grace of reading her book, I can. On to the next Everest, (I actually threw my arms up in the air and did a little gig). Highly recommended to all!

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