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Salby Damned


Ian D. Moore


Well written, making sense and plausible, this novel has accomplished its proffered mission: gave me hours of worthwhile entertainment.

Of course, this did not seem to me like a zombie genre, and the deadheads appeared more helpless than out to hurt anyone on purpose. So the tragedy became one of unfair treatment and frankly, I was surprised there wasn’t more blame headed Dr. Evelyn Shepherd’s way. The worst anyone ever said was how sorry they were these types of weapons were ever conceived.

Now, I may not agree with the responsibility for this tragedy and how it was dished out, yet I would have liked to see more remorse on Dr. Shepherd well before her actions became responsible for a hit in her entourage.

Nevertheless, a novel like Salby Damned is about escapism, also about a penchant for disclosing dangerous issues with our world and about the fact that Government not only doesn’t get it all and can’t always protect us, sometimes, they play God with our lives. I also enjoyed the fact that the writing was clever and well done. Any book that keeps me from doing what I need to do is dramatic for sure.eFJkloq9_400x400

Strangely, I’m one of those who usually buys a book based on its cover, and on the write-up in back, but let’s face it, mostly based on the cover and how the face of the front of the book inspires me. Therefore, if someone I trust had not recommended this book I would never have bought it. I would not have read it even if the book had been given to me, and to this day, I still can’t look at the cover. But, fellow readers, I was hooked from page 1. What more do you want in a book? Action, mystery, romance and poked fun at man’s selfishness and greed. That ending, wow, won’t give this away, but wow. Your call!

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