Reparation: A spiritual Journey

I enjoyed this book. I recognized a lot of the same situations I experienced while growing up in a very Catholic Family. A journey in the form of a memoir is a very personal recount of a person’s life. I found Maria Hall portrayed her story with poignancy, humility and was able to keep 51KWnfpF62L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_me hooked until the end. Of course, would I have loved to read more about the controversy of the Seville Schism within the Church. Yes. However, this story concerned our heroine and not the politics of why these events occurred or who was at the heart of the controversy or what became of the politics behind the scene.

I loved the journey itself of her relationship with her family, and was happy that the immense sacrifice she felt she needed to endure for reparation was well worth the wait. There is joy to be shared when even one of us finds our way to reuniting our spiritual and physical selves as one entity.81A5xy-7YbL._UX250_ A must read to open our thoughts and become more enlightened. God job! To find out more about Maria Hall, simply click on her name and you will reach her Amazon page.

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