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Any book that keeps me reading as though I were a young teen again uncaring of responsibilities or things I need to do, without letting the clock’s racing motion spoil my fun is worth the mention … and the 5 stars of course. Print version of Paper Dreams

I discovered the book quite by accident. Naturally, we no longer spend hours perusing books on dusty library shelves. We hunt them down through the Internet. Where I came upon Paper Dreams, I can’t even tell you. The title attracted me as did the beautiful cover, but then all I had to do was read the first few pages and I was hooked. Phyllis J. Burton uses the omniscient point of view to tell her story and does a superb job of setting the scenes and describing her characters. She is a master at crafting intrigue that tugs you along mercilessly.

I followed Katie Nicholson effortlessly, feeling for her, worrying about her and looking to encourage her along the way. When she loses who she believes is the love of her life, you want to tell her a better one will come around and her friends fill that wish: her employer Brian, her landlady Brenda, and her cousin Helen who introduces her to new possibilities. The intrigue with Epton Hall unfolds quickly and the deeper you get pulled into the old mansion and its secrets, the more you shiver and want to read what comes next. Phyllis J. Burton

Love Phyllis J Burton’s voice. Gentle, persuasive, almost hypnotic her cadence and tone is pleasing and very convincing. I will definitely read other books by this author.

Phyllis J. Burton was born in Beckenham in Kent, England. She is married with three grown-up children and four grandchildren. She lives with her husband Jim and a large golden retriever dog called Bailey amongst the gentle hills of south-west Surrey. This is her first novel.

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