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Bradford Place

I must tell you, the door knob on the cover of the first book, A Thousand Awkward Moments, attracted me most. Something I have about doors and opening them … I was not disappointed. I had not read a book in one shot, without being able to tear myself away even while eating wide eyed and entranced in many years. I believe it is the superb construction of Marie Dunn’s characters. They are so true to life, you have the impression of peeking into another world unannounced yet invited because you know the author. Characters in a book are my favorite. When they are believable, the story flows and you are ready to follow them anywhere.

This new book, or should I say sequel to her first story is, Bradford Place.

Bradford Place is the name of the new house Diane Miller buys to consolidate her life, to bring about changes that will allow her to start over in a new town, with new friends, and she is more than a little bit tentative—at first. I love to read how she conquers everyday hassles we all have to deal with from time to time.

For instance, how she tries to resist the temptations of a hunk like John. Hum, he is dish … for a bad boy that is. I fell in love with her friends, Beth, Linda … Oh, you’ve got to meet Rose. Mick is still in the picture as is Jack, my favorite. This is a tale of Diane sorting through what matters in her life and going for all or nothing while juggling a daughter in college and … Well, let’s not spoil it for you. A MUST READ! By the way, you do not have to read the first book to appreciate the second. Yet I would.


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 Marie Dunn

She is a believer in many careers, and she is an identical twin. She is also now holds a choice place in my list of dear friends who write fiction. Why not read all of the great things she has accomplished. Just click on her name, you’ll find her … in Bradford Place.выставкаsoftwareВсесезонныеmiami loftseasybinaryprofits.comтест скорости интернета онлайн


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