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Finding the Rainbow

Rachel McGrath


A wrenching story to tell, yet Rachel McGrath does it superbly well in Finding the Rainbow, a story about her unfruitful trials of giving birth to a healthy baby.

I guess many of us never realize the problem this can become for some women. Oh, we hear and read about their difficulties, know about the fertility clinics and the ongoing heartbreak of those who can’t conceive. Yet, we never fully measure the length of their ordeal, or the dark, difficult days that blend into one and other, be it a holiday or another birthday round the bend.

Of course, each child is a reminder of the family they cannot have. Of course, one goes on with career goals and favorite vacation plans, yet the shadow of being infertile hangs over all outings with gloom and forbiddance. Rachel McGrath

What is sadder is the fact this story doesn’t render any outcome. So many decisions can be taken to ease the gaping void of motherhood these days. With all the wonderful technology out there, viable solutions exist and McGrath recognizes them. Let’s see if she follows up with another telltale story, this time, in the form of a solution or two to ring in the dawn of a new beginning. Here’s hoping for that pot of gold—the Rainbow Baby.блюда на сковороде гриль рецептывсесезонные шиныhouses for sale in key midtown-miamiна загранпаспортпродвижение сайта в европечто такое конверсия сайта


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