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Lethal Web of Passion (The Greek Isles Series Book 5)
BY: Angel Sefer



Loved that this book kept me reading way past my bedtime, and I fell in love with Stephanos, a hunk of a leading man.

I especially enjoyed reading about the Greek Isles, and since I love a mystery that keeps me guessing, my cup runneth over (I use the expression to commemorate one of the songs where this idiom was used: “Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel.” By Tavares.  Of course, Heaven is. She’s down here writing books.)

Angel Sefer does a superb job of laying the groundwork for a fast-paced, intriguing mystery where Eleanna Welsh, tangled in an incredible web of danger since birth, sets out to discover the reason or the person responsible for her father’s death. This is where she meets up with Stephanos Ioannou, on the beautiful isle of Skopelos.

Eleanna has been training all her life in martial arts, preparing for the inevitable voyage from London England to the Greek Isles to search for her father and understand the reason behind her mother’s secrets—the ones she bestowed to her on her death bed.

Armed with courage and stubborn pride, Eleanna plans to exact revenge on the people who destroyed her family. Of course, she trusts no one in Greece, a country her family had to leave in a hurry. Only, she hadn’t counted on the likes of a man called Stephanos. Each turn she takes, each twist of the plot will have you chewing the inside of your lip, hoping no harm will come to her while she tries to unmuddle the mystery of a lost brother, a biological father, a female doppelganger, and the lethal Web of Passion that holds her prisoner.71-VNv0zr9L._UX250_

Great read, and now, I’m on to the next. Luckily there are four more books by the same author.

You can also read about Angel Sefer and understand why her books are so vivid and passionately written.



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