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Fallen Angel


Laura Taylor



I love the heroine in this story, Geneva Talmadge. I can so readily identify with her and the type of past she has known. Some of us are survivors no matter what we’ve been through. Laura Taylor did a great job with her character as she is well defined.

Fallen Angel As a matter of fact, I don’t believe she ever steps out of character—not once. I realize, Thomas told her in the first 10 percent of the book that he had overheard her conversation with Nick Benteen, but she never clued in that he might have heard all she feared of telling him. Sometimes my husband will say about a movie: “Well, if he were to realize the outcome of the guys’ actions right away, there’d be no movie.”

I get how troubled she is, and sometimes how strength in a woman determines her susceptibility in avoiding pushy people and remaining on the defensive, especially with alpha males like Thomas Coltrane.

Actually, about men like Thomas Coltrane, I began reading Harlequins when I was a young woman and was impressed for a while. Until I got married to a kind and gentle man who never had to badger to get his way, and my ideas changed, I guess. Today, most women no longer accept a man who is pushy while he badgers her for sex and plays mind games to weaken her defenses. For me, these tactics no longer serve as a symbol of virility or even sound sexy.

Thomas says he needs to take it slowly with Geneva, and he doesn’t want to badger her, yet he still does. At one point, when he is particularly insistent, and he has made his presence utterly obnoxious, I wish she would turn around and yell at him: “No means No.” Nevertheless, the sign of a good author is when she can encourage the reader to either love or hate the people involved.

The story is definitely well written, almost in the style of writing copy: Tell them what you’ve told them then tell themlAURA tAYLOR again. There is one angle I would have liked to see develop. In the first few pages, we find out about Geneva Talmadge’s past and how a member of the Mossad tells Nick that Jamal, the man who put a contract on Geneva’s head, is dead. I kept waiting for something to happen from this angle some proof the man is still alive and dangerous, a mystery tauntingly delicious. Perhaps a hook for another book …

Bravo for Laura Taylor’s story and for the fact that this story has prompted me to read another Laura Taylor novel. Read about Laura Taylor on her author page. Leave her a note, she will enjoy your visit.







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