Hanna is the embodiment of what a daughter should be. She handles a sad case like her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease with strength and in a positive manner that impressed me. Not once did she step out of character. Not faced with the hardships of her career, not when she needed to keep secrets from Walter, and not even when she stood up to Henrik and his commercially viable decisions. Christoph Fischer did a wonderful job portraying her on all levels. To me, she was the real heroine of this story. And it was a pleasure following her from start to finish.

I have always found Alzheimer to be the worst scenario that can happen to anyone. Unlike other ailment, it spares your body but grabs your mind. Without our minds, what are we? Memories are the only ties we have to ground us and keep us moving forward. So, this poignant story remained pleasant for me, most important, as Biddy and Hanna teamed up to give us so many wonderful memories. Walter was also very moving and he too found ways to remain true to himself while showing he could still adapt to his changing surroundings, his meeting and conversation with Karim, very touching.

What was bitter sweet for me, as much as Biddy not remembering her children, was the relationship between Patrick and Walter. Was I hoping for a miracle there! This touched me personally.All in all, a great read and at the end, I felt the story’s title was telling me: Time to Let Go. Only, the truth was the story would not let go of me!

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