Personally, I have read many, many such books, from Eckhart Tolle to Dr. Wayne Dyer and just too many others to name. Yet, even though we believe we have attained a new place of awareness, and measure life around us as a safe place to be, here comes  toting different words and a new perspective to rejuvenate our soul batteries and better light our path through the chaos too easily found along the way.

Living in the NOW is a wonderful prompt, as is not fretting over past deeds. I need someone to remind me now and again, and being a proponent of Ho’oponopono, I believe in loving the child within and fostering a meditation of gratitude toward the simplest things we find. I was thrilled to discover how well aligned Genie Lee and I are in our thoughts. I am in great company. Check it out:

Genie received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Bridgewater State College
in 1986. She has been a teacher, optometric assistant, tutor, homemaker.
Since, her diagnosis of leukemia in 2000, Genie has been an avid student of
holistic health and meditation. She is a Reiki Master /Teacher.

One of my favorite lessons in Genie Lee’s book is Intention Writing or Scripting. I had completely forgotten about this. As a child, I maintained a diary for fifteen years—fifteen agendas hidden in the back of my closet. I no longer have to worry about anyone reading them as they are illegible, even to me—my handwriting being worse than that of a doctor’s prescription. Nevertheless, these scribbles were about the past, what had happened to me throughout the day. I’m now going to head to the store and purchase the nicest writing agenda I can find and … wow, guess what I’m going to do? Genie Lee Perron’s ‘Things I Wish my Mother had Said … is a MUST READ!Lenovo PB1-750M 6,98″ LTE 16GB (ZA0L0001UA) Ebony Black????????? ? ????????????? ????????? ??????????? ????????????????? ???? ?? ??????????? ????????????????? ????????? ????? ???????????? ????????? ??????no1options trading bonus


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