Welcome to a Para-hop—or Para-blog hop.

The word “Para” usually attaches itself to a verb or its derivative, and its meaning, in most dictionaries, signifies by one’s side, or side by side … as in friends walking the same path, lending each other a hand along the way.

Niamh Clune reached out in friendship, even though she lives a continent away, when she chose a paragraph exchange as her expression of lending me a hand to commemorate the launch of my book, Mirror Deep. Thank you, Niamh.

To pursue this Para-exchange, I am pleased to present a good friend and budding author, someone I have grown fond of over the past couple of years. We have exchanged stories, traded edits, read each other’s material, even when rough and uncut, and pulled our hair out, trying to find time to gather precious moments of peace and silence in order to focus on what we love best—writing stories.

Christina Jean Michaels

Introducing, Christina Jean Michaels’ paragraph, which is but a small slice deep inside the walls of a powerful and intense romantic suspense, she calls “Epiphany”. Christina has plans to launch this book in early spring of 2013. So let’s give her all the encouragement she needs.


His words found the bulls-eye of my heart, began to patch over the hurt that had lived there for so long. I opened my eyes and found my longing mirrored in his. I couldn’t speak. I wouldn’t know what to say anyway. I did the only thing I could think of—the only thing that felt right. I kissed him.


 Born in California, Christina has now found the home of her heart in Eugene, Oregon, where she finds plenty of inspiration for storytelling. When she isn’t reading or writing, she moonlights as a wife, mother, and part time student.

When you go to Christina’s blog, you will find she has listed 15 of her favorite things: Here are the first 10. You’ll have to go to her blog to see the rest:

1. I love chocolate

2. I love the ocean

3. I’m a Gemini

4. I was born in Paradise

5. I have a snake phobia

6. I’m spontaneous

7. My favorite color is green

8. I have four kids

9. I believe in God

10. I like photography …


And since this is a Para-exchange, here is a little about the book I have just launched, two days ago, “Mirror Deep”.

Here is one sentence that summarizes the story … take a long breath …

Danger and Romance

Roll like thunder in Kat Bonner’s world, when a known felon comes to the ranch to drop a bomb about her past. Kat turns to Pierce for help, the same Pierce who bucks her every chance he gets and whose feverish investigation lands them in trouble with the law and directly in the path of a serial killer.

Okay, you can breathe now. Well, it is one sentence, albeit a very long one.

Kat put the documents down on the chair next to hers. She rose, wrapping her arms forcefully around herself; brow knitted so tight it hurt. An odd ambivalence turned her blood to ice, frustrated her, even as the sensation filled her with the uncomfortable yearning for home and the people she’d left behind.

“What’s on your mind, Kat?” her great-grandfather asked patiently.

She shrugged. Rarely too moody to talk about her feelings, this time she would have to fake it not to worry him. “When is he supposed to bring up the subject with my parents?” She waited, disappointed her destiny had been decided without her having any choice in the matter. But then, this was what Manon had done too, all those years ago. Maybe some things were best when left out of a person’s control.

 You can find the book at: www.Amazon.com

Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/aups9ep

and the Book: http://tinyurl.com/bcky3l9

 Joss Landry

 It seems as though I’ve been writing my whole life. Writing my goals, my place in the community, and my role as a wife, as a mother… We spend our lives weaving the rope that draws tomorrow, always in the hopes that the ending will be a happy one. Perhaps this is why I like to write fiction, more control over the final act.

 Christina and I are alike in many ways.  Perhaps this is the trait of many authors—sensitivity to story.

1. I love chocolate

2. I love writing

3. I’m an Aquarius

4. I was born in Paradise near the Atlantic Ocean.

5. I’m spontaneous

6. I have four kids

7. I believe in God


As our Para-exchange continues, I would like to introduce to you, the friends that will take over next Saturday’s challenge, November 17. There are 6 of them, including of course, our featured author, Christina Jean Michaels.

Please help me welcome, alphabetically:

Christina Jean Michaels

Jamallah Bergman.

Jo Robinson                                                                                                              

Mary Maddox

Stephen Ormsby

Susan MacNicol


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  1. Wow, we really do have a lot in common. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me, and I’m honored that you chose me to feature on your blog. Thanks so much for including me! Wishing you even more success with Mirror Deep. I’m crossing my fingers that it keeps climbing the Amazon ranks!

    • Thanks, Christina. Well, I’m crossing my fingers too, and I’m going to work toward it, of course 🙂 The first book, and the first push, a few more contractions and we’ll be there.

    • Of course. I have already stopped by when I read your article on why readers abandon a book. It was insightful and gave me great information.


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