CANDID YET CREATIVE sums up ’s story with the right flavor.

Writing an autobiography has to be the most difficult yet grandest accomplishment an author may undertake. People have been after me for years to write mine, and I don’t think I will ever find the courage to do so. is quite the yarn and mesmerized me as I found it difficult to put the weave down. There is definitely a perfect linear feel to the events Karen discusses in the book. No lost moments, no repetition, no slack, no lengthy descriptions, only a fast-paced moving story that allows you a candid view of another author, a woman, a brave human being’s trek through a life that is not always kind to her.

Let the person who has lived only a kind life rise and argue this next statement. Human beings have been blown away and pitched around the globe from walking into life’s storms more often than we care to remember. The beauty of ’s story is she adroitly takes her sorrows, pains, comfort props and happy moments, tosses them all up in the air, bounces them around in a bag, and comes up with flowers—a positive attitude able to provide the meekest and most pain-riddled reader with comfort and joy.

All those who wish to feel like David facing Goliath, stand and be counted. The feeling is exhilarating and gigantic enough to counterbalance one thousand painful moments. Karen’s story will fashion you into the next David standing strong to face up to any type of crisis.

Oh, and I too have a soft spot for Bruce Willis. Not quite sure how to define my admiration. Yet, it’s always been there. I think the sympathy stems from when he used to be the underdog to Maddie in Moonlighting. Remember that punch in the face she hands him, and how well he takes it? There, right then and there was when I developed that soft spot, for anyone who can roll with those punches! Way to go, Karen!

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